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Tungri Bitter

Tungri Bitter

  • 2.83 €2.83

33 cl

A delicious fruity lager (7.5%) with a delicate balance of citrus flavor and hoppy tones. The taste is obtained, above all, by the addition of different types of hops through the brewing process.

Features of TUNGRI Bitter is a golden yellow color (EBC 9), smells pleasant, has a slight CO2 sparkle and a creamy head. Fruity and balanced bitter taste. The degree of bitterness is 35 EBU.  Slightly hazy beer, poured with yeast or hazy direct from the vessel.

Bitter Belgian style. Citrus-fruity aroma with balanced and intensely hot touches bitter hops. Soft-fresh finish, pleasantly bitter at the end. Fermentation in the bottle.

Storage life of Tungri Bitter is at least 24 months. Preferably in a dark cool place. The bottles are kept upright. This way the yeast will remain on the bottom and your beer will remain bright.

Enjoy with moderation. Health!