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Iron sandstone cookies

Iron sandstone cookies

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Bag of 250 gr.

A delicious cookie with a bottom of cookie dough and sprinkled with nodules. The cookies derive their name and color to the typical russet Hageland surface.

The 'Hagelandse Hills' is a rural area, located in the municipalities of Aarschot, Bekkevoort, Holsbeek, Kortenaken, Leuven, Lubbeek, Rotselaar and Tielt. It is characterized by witness hills, the river Winge with its watermills and numerous forests.
Unique in this region is the iron sandstone which is the basis of the formation of the Hageland hills and is noticable in the numerous ravines and six old quarries. Concerning the historical art heritage, is Horst Castle the most remarkable, but there are also plenty of remarkable churches, chapels, presbyteries, mills etc.