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Hasselt Speculoos

Hasselt Speculoos

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350 gr. Bag filled with small round speculoos Diameter of one piece: 4 cm

Hasselt speculaas find its origins in the gin distilleries where sugar was a major waste product. With this partially combusted sugars was made pot sugar or brown sugar. Flour was added and the Hasselt biscuit was born.

In historiography emerges a reference for the first time of the Hasselt speculoos in 1830 during the Ten Days campaign. There was a very nutritious cake baked by the bakers of Hasselt for the Belgian troops. Later, the cake was refined with honey, cinnamon, spices, eggs and salt. These added raw materials made of the finished product something special, a word which by the way is very similar to the Hasselt Speculoos.

In any event, the biscuit remains a delicacy that maybe tastes best with a well chilled drink.

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