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Foie gras

Foie gras

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200 gr

Since 1990 Jan Deprez and Ingrid Dewulf have their own business Handsaeme Foie Gras. Here they breed ducks and geese to make chopped liver of. The company employs about a thousand geese and a thousand ducks. The meat of these animals is to make rillettes and confits, but they also have dried sausages of goose meat and a selection of meat products in cans and jars. Of course there are the hams, foie gras, duck pâté, the duck breasts and smoked and dried meats. Through an incubator they ensure the young geese. The ducklings are bought. All of the animals eat maize, wheat, and triticale of home-bred to make sure that the food is pure. That's why they have also fifteen hectares of grain crops.